The flour used to make our dough comes directly from the Caputo Mill in Italy, a family-owned and operated business for decades.

This specially formulated flour is free of enzymes and additives, and is packed with protein. Only natural ingredients – yeast, water, and salt-are added to the flour to form the dough. It’s leavened for a day or two, then forms the basis for one of our perfect pizzas.


At Bella Napoli Pizza, we use only fresh San Marzano tomatoes. Named for the region in which they are grown, these long, beautiful, bright red tomatoes taste even better than they look.They have less sugar and fewer impurities. In fact, these tomatoes are so delicious, we only add salt and pepper to create a fresh, tangy, all-natural sauce. No fillers or preservatives are anywhere to be found- just great taste.

  • From San Marzano sul Sarno Italy
  • A Plum-type Tomato
  • Considered the best sauce tomato in the world
  • Our Sauce is Fresh and All Natural


A Bella Napoli pizza is topped with only the freshest mozzarella. Our Mozzarella di Bufala (imported from Italy) is made from Bufala milk, and the Fior di Latte (sourced locally) is made from cow’s milk. Both are incredibly fresh and flavorful, not sodden and greasy like the cheese you might get on a typical pizza. These cheeses also do a great job of withstanding the 800-900 degrees of our pizza ovens without burning.

Nashville’s Best Pizza – the finished product

Pizza Nashville


We offer a semi private room for big parties, special occasions or events. Perfect for your wedding rehearsal dinner. We offer table reservations via Open Table and Delivery via DoorDash or call us to place a curbside pickup order and we’ll meet you out front.